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PSALMS with Service – Still Waters Approach to Recovery
An eight part series written by Richard Dorn, Program Coordinator

PSALMS with Service – Still Waters Approach to Recovery

“Hank, why do you drink…” or so the country song goes.  Many addicts and their families spend considerable effort trying to answer this question.  At Still Waters, we believe they’re asking the wrong question. Instead of asking WHY we believe the focus needs to be on HOW. How do we stop using once addiction has taken control of our lives?


In the recovery community HOW can stand for Honesty, Open mindedness and Willingness. It has been used as a guide, but for many this approach is ineffective for sustained recovery.

The book Alcoholics Anonymous says, “Daily reprieve contingent on the maintenance of our spiritual condition [is the result of the] proper use of will.” The question is how is one to maintain our spiritual condition in a suitable way on a daily basis?

At Still Waters, we created a method consisting of seven essential practices known as PSALMS with Service. If performed daily PSALMS with Service has proven successful for any recovering addict regardless of drug of choice or progression of the disease. In fact, in each relapse case we have treated, the trigger can be traced back to the abandonment of one or more of these daily practices.

To help our alumni and residents remember all seven practices an acronym, created by former resident John H., was adopted, PSALMS with Service:


Still-Waters-PSALMS-with-Service-trademark-banner-3Prayer and Meditation

Steps – Work Them

Ask for Help

Literature – Study It

Meetings – Participate in Them

Sponsor – Utilize Him

w/ Service


At Still Waters we believe PSALMS is the perfect acronym for our practice considering the PSALMS remain an integral part of many world religions and sects, but are also held in high esteem as an art form by the non-religious community. While the 12 Steps are not based upon religion, rather upon spirituality, the PSALMS with Service at Still Waters are testament to man’s spiritual quest for enlightenment and wisdom.

Perhaps the missing ingredient is Wisdom. The Wisdom to follow in the footsteps of recovering addicts who have found a method to remain abstinent through the consistent application of seven proven practices.

In the next seven newsletters we will convey an in-depth look into each of the PSALMS w/ Service practices. Upcoming, Prayer and Meditation.

Richard Dorn
Program Coordinator
Still Waters – A Men’s 12-Step Retreat

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