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Cost of Care
Our goal was to create an extremely effective recovery program at a price people can afford

30, 60 or 90 Days…Which One is Right? Still Waters Cost Efficiency Approach

still-waters-tennessee-view-from-crows-nestIn today’s world the cost of treatment can be astronomically high. For a quality program a person can expect to pay anywhere from $20,000 to $60,000 for a 28-30 day stay. One of the goals in the development of Still Waters was to create a very successful and extremely effective program at a price people might actually be able to afford. We think we have done just that.
That’s less than the cost of 28 days in a traditional treatment program and if the turnouts at our Annual Alumni Picnic Day is indicative of our results then approximately 50% of our graduates are staying clean and sober. Please contact us for more information on admissions and our approach to recovery.


Our Still Waters Pricing Tiers for Each Length of Stay

$9000 for FIRST 30 DAYS ($300/DAY)
$8250 for SECOND 30 DAYS ($275/DAY)
$7950 for THIRD 30 DAYS ($265/DAY)

With our tier pricing and with the help of our financial advisers recovery is now in reach to the men who need it:

  1. First thirty days: $9,000 ($300 per day)
  2. Second thirty days: $8,250 ($275 per day)
  3. Third thirty days beyond: $7,950 ($265 per day)


We offer special discounting for 90 days at Still Waters – typically $25,200.00 – with the pay in full discount makes the total due $23,700.00.