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These are taken word for word from surveys each resident completes upon graduation



After each resident completes their program work and upon successful discharge at Still Waters, we ask them to fill out a Resident Satisfaction Survey. The following testimonials are taken word for word from those surveys.

Things that have made me feel good about Still Waters are:

Courage and direct help were provided with love but a no-B.S. approach – the 12 steps done at Still waters are a great foundation. All of the counselors have a “seeing eye” towards addicts…they know how to break through all the various barriers and problems. And they get residents to the solution! We are spiritually sick and the staff help us to find the truth quickly and provide a solution for us.

Bill H.
Naples, FL

Saved my life. Found God. Possibly the most important thing I’ve ever done.

Clark S.
Nashville, TN

I have been to several high-profile treatment centers and Still Waters by-far has been the most educational about recovery. I wish I had started here in my journey for recovery. The knowledge of the counselors. The environment. The number of residents at one time. The family setting and all of the interaction between residents and counselors (family program).

Walter F.

The way groups are conducted. The staff. The way the community is structured and run. The animals on property and the food. The comfort Still Waters has given me in my own skin.

Chase M.

Counselors and staff have knowledge and spirituality. They care about recovery and help people care about their own recovery. I will miss these guys a lot. They love me and make me laugh.

Jim W.

Excellent foundation for working steps, building spiritual life & principles. Staff & counselors excellent. Facilities great; nice environment. Interaction w/ other residents.

Sam J.
Memphis, TN

All of the counselors were very, very helpful and caring. The group work is awesome and I learned a lot about addiction and myself as well. Best 30 days of my life! Thanks all of you for everything. I learned so much and all of you mean a lot to me! Love y’all and see y’all soon.

Austin W.

Counselors were tough, straight forward as well as compassionate. They knew when to push and when to pull back.

Russ R.
Louisville, KY

The counselors are excellent. Each has their own unique style and strengths and they helped me drastically alter my perspective on life and spirituality. The camaraderie among the residents was always great and encouraged by staff.

Brian M.

The incredible counselor staff and the whole philosophy on what the program of AA is about along with the importance of spirituality truly changed my life.

Woody S.

The depth and breadth of experience had by staff in recovery. The freedom to pursue activities in recovery & elsewhere in spare time; collective sense of responsibility among residents. The sincere interest in well-being of residents by staff and the intensity of the focus of recovery education.

Charles S.
New Orleans, LA

It’s a family and I felt safe and welcomed the entire time. The program is exactly what I needed. Staff is 100% committed to the residents recovery. This place is inspired by God everyday. Thanks!

Aurelio D.
Miami, FL

The diversity and knowledge of the staff and their willingness and creativity to foster recovery. They are attentive to the individual and group needs. They are available and gracious of their time and experiences. The program fosters an atmosphere of brotherhood between residents and bonds relationships. The facilities are kept up very well and the environment is extremely relaxing.

Jay A.
Tullahoma, TN

Given the fertile ground that Still Waters provides, I was able to grow into the man I was put on this earth to be. At some point every staff member at Still Waters was able to convert his painful past to his greatest asset, thus passing on to me what was freely given to him. Were it not for that, I simply would not be here today. So it is with the utmost gratitude that I write this letter of support.

Ryan P.
New York